Building a Gallery Wall

Building a Gallery Wall

Ready to transform your blank wall? Building a gallery wall is not only easy but also a fantastic way to showcase your style. Whether it’s breathtaking landscapes or vibrant city prints, there’s something special for every wall.

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Step 1: Define Your Space and Style

Consider the room where your gallery wall will be located. Is it a living room, hallway, or bedroom? The space will influence the style of your gallery wall. 

Step 2: Choose Your Favourites

Mixing different sizes and orientations works a treat for adding depth to your wall. Remember, every piece tells a story—pick prints that speak to you! This can range from personal photos to purchased art. 

Step 3: Plan Your Layout

Before you start hammering away, take a moment to plan out your display on the floor. Swap things around until it looks just right—think of it like a puzzle, finding the perfect spot for each piece.

Step 4: Frame It Up

Now for the frames. Matching them can give your wall a seamless style, or mixing them up can add some extra oomph! Whatever you choose, make sure they complement your prints and fit the overall style of your room.

Step 5: Hang Your Art

Begin with your largest or most central print and work your way out. This helps to balance your composition as you go. Don’t forget to step back every now and then to see how it’s coming together.

Step 6: Step Back and Admire 

All done? Take a step back and enjoy your new gallery wall. It’s sure to be a highlight in your home.

Creating a gallery wall is a brilliant way to add personality to your home. So, grab your hammer, pick your prints, and start hanging!


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