About Us

We're Peter and Heather, a young couple with a passion for travel and the brains behind Prints of Ireland

Together, we've travelled across all four corners of the globe, and have always loved to pick up local pieces of art when abroad to remind us of our many adventures. However, there was always one thing missing from our gallery wall… modern artwork of our own beautiful hometown in North County Dublin.
This is where the idea for Prints of Ireland was born.
We couldn’t find a piece of local art to sit alongside our prints from around the world… so we've created our own! 

Beginning with our hometown of Skerries, we're creating custom prints and illustrated maps of Ireland's most beautiful towns, counties and landmarks. 

Heather is a design graduate from the National College of Art and Design Dublin and Peter is an expert in digital marketing. 
We've combined our unique & complimentary skills to create Prints of Ireland.

If you would like to see a print of your local town, please get in touch and let us know. We are always looking for new inspiration!

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