Is Sending Cards Outdated?

Is Sending Cards Outdated?

In today's digital age, where our lives seem glued to our phones, you might question the relevance of sending greeting cards. Well, guess what? They haven't lost their appeal and continue to offer a uniquely personal way to express that you're thinking of someone.

At Prints of Ireland, we’ve seen firsthand that the appeal of sending and receiving cards is very much alive. Let’s talk about why.

Why We Love Cards in a Digital World

Sure, sending a quick text or email is easy. But does it feel special? Not really. There’s something about getting a card in the post that just makes you feel good. It’s like getting a little gift. You can see it, touch it, and put it on your mantle. It’s a reminder that someone out there cares about you enough to pick out a card, write a note, and send it your way.

Our Cards: Not Just Any Cards

We make cards that are more than just paper. They’re like little pieces of art that celebrate the Irish language and remind loved ones of home. We use sustainable paper that’s good for the planet, so sending our cards also means you’re doing something good for the earth and doesn’t feel wasteful.

is sending cards outdated

Now, you can even have us hand write your cards with a personal message and send them anywhere in the world directly from our website, at no extra cost for the handwritten notes.

Why Cards Matter Now More Than Ever

With everyone getting so many emails and texts every day, getting a card stands out. It shows you really care. It’s also a break from all the screens. For younger people, sending a card feels new and even more special.

What’s Next for Cards?

Cards are changing with the times. They’re not just for holidays or birthdays anymore. They’re a way to say “hello,” “thank you,” or “just thinking of you” in a personal and creative way. And we’re here for it. Our collection of Irish-themed cards is all about sharing a piece of heart, celebrating our language, and keeping in touch in the most personal way possible.

Plus, with the Digital Stamp from An Post, sending cards is easier than ever and avoids the long queues at the post office, making the process seamless and more convenient.

In short, to answer the question "Is Sending Cards Outdated?”- no. Sending a card is a simple act that means a lot. It’s a way to make someone’s day brighter and keep connections strong. And in today’s fast-paced digital world, that’s pretty cool. 

So, why not pick out a card today and spread a little joy? With Prints of Ireland, it’s easy and meaningful.

Don’t forget to check out our card bundles which offer savings and are handy to have in the cupboard for when you feel like reaching out to someone.

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