Must-Visit Irish Landmarks

Must-Visit Irish Landmarks

Planning an Irish road trip? Ireland is filled with incredible landmarks, each steeped in history and natural beauty. Our collection of prints captures these iconic sites, making them perfect additions to your home decor. 

Here are some must-visit Irish landmarks to include in your itinerary. Explore our prints to bring a piece of Ireland into your home today!


Newgrange is a prehistoric passage tomb dating back to around 3200 BC. Known for its winter solstice illumination, this ancient monument is a marvel of engineering. Our Newgrange Print beautifully showcases this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Salthill / Galway

Salthill, located in Galway, is known for its scenic promenade and stunning views of Galway Bay. Whether you’re taking a leisurely stroll or enjoying a swim, Salthill is a favourite destination. Our Salthill/Galway Print highlights the beauty and liveliness of this popular spot.


Connemara is a region of untamed beauty with its wild landscapes and serene vistas. Perfect for nature lovers, Connemara is known for its mountains, bogs, and lakes. Our Connemara Print captures the untouched beauty of this stunning area.


County Clare is home to the stunning Cliffs of Moher and the unique landscape of the Burren. From dramatic cliffs to limestone pavements, Clare offers some of Ireland’s most breathtaking views. Our Clare Print reflects the natural wonders of this remarkable county.


The town of Cobh in County Cork is famous for its colourful waterfront and rich maritime history. As the Titanic’s last port of call, Cobh offers a glimpse into Ireland’s past. Our Cobh Print captures the vibrant and historical essence of this seaside town.

Ardgillan Castle in North Co Dublin

Ardgillan Castle, located in North County Dublin, is a stunning example of Georgian architecture surrounded by lush gardens. It’s also home to our studio, making it a perfect stop on your journey. Our Ardgillan Castle Print highlights the elegance and historical allure of this captivating castle.

Eire Map

Navigate your Irish adventure with our Eire Map Print. This beautiful and practical guide to Ireland’s iconic landmarks is a perfect addition to your travel plans.

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